SAT/ACT Preparation

The SAT and ACT exams are the most pivotal exams in the academic career of any student. Learn about the differences between the exams and which test is for you. Get help understanding how to simplify and dissect math problems, read critically and compose excellent essays. 




PSAT Preparation

Most high schools recommend their students take the Preliminary SAT (PSAT). This exam helps prepare students for the SAT and qualifies students for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Start your Sophomore on the track to college success with PSAT prep.



​ISEE Test Prep

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is the first important standardized test your child will encounter. Whether your child is preparing for the lower, middle or upper level exam, we can help. Prep with an experienced tutor as this test can only be taken once every six months.


SAT Subject Test (formerly SAT II)

SAT subject tests can be useful in catching the eye of college admissions officers. Most counselors suggest taking one math subject test and one english/history test. Preparing for the SAT Subject Tests involve reviewing all high school content along with learning this test's "secrets."




College Admissions Essay

Some people describe the college admissions essay as the most important essay a student will ever write. We offer students help establishing a clear voice and provide insight into what top universities want to hear. From the brainstorming phase to the final draft, let us help your child write their way into the college of their dreams.


College Application Assistance

Assistance on Common App, University of California and other college applications. Get help managing application deadlines, attaining recommendations and organizing the college application process.

Individualized Test Preparation and College Planning


Test taking can be a stressful experience. Overcoming this anxiety and learning how to take standardized tests is a key component of academic success. Along with teaching the concepts being tested, your child will learn the style of questions on the test and time-saving strategies. 


Additonally, Academic TS helps with on-time test registration and facilitating acommodations for extra time. See below for a list and description of the test/college prep services we provide.

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