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Students can get subject tutoring many places but only at Academic Training Services do we "train" your child to improve his/her organizational, time management and study skills. We provide support for the child while reducing stress for the parents. We communicate with teachers and administration while keeping the parents constantly updated.


Just as a personal trainer does not solely focus on one muscle group, an Academic Trainer does not help with just one subject. Academic Training is often initiated when a student is struggling in math or requires test prep but sessions can be spent completing work from any class. 

Academic Training is a term developed by founder Dan Weinstein to describe the full service academic support he provides. Combining elements of educational therapy, behavioral therapy, and traditional pedagogy, Academic Training has been perfected by Dan Weinstein over the last decade. While tutoring math across Los Angeles, Dan realized that some students were struggling in school because they lacked the basic foundations needed for academic success. These students required more support than just help studying for the next test. Improving grades is the focus at Academic TS but the long-term goal is training our students to become successful and self-sufficient.

Over the past decade, Dan Weinstein has served as an educational advocate and consultant to families at the best private and public schools across LA. From IEP meetings to informal accommodation conferences to regular parent-teacher conferences, Dan is able to advocate and advise families and students of all ages. 

Academic Training