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The flagship service Academic Training Services provides is Academic Training. Founder Dan Weinstein has over 10,000+ hours experience working with kids and perfecting his methods of Academic Training. 


The philosophy at Academic TS is that no student is or "Bad at School." With personalized support and focus on organization and time management all students can become better learners.

Academic Training Services also offers premier subject tutoring in English, History, Chemistry, Science, Spanish, French, Etc.

Academic Training Services



What separates Academic Training Services from other tutoring services is that we always come to you. Sessions most commonly occur in the comfort and convenience of your home. We can also coordinate with schools for sessions to be held on campus during study periods. 


Academic TS is proud to provide online tutoring through executive-level Cisco webconferencing software and Skype. This allows students to keep up with their schoolwork whether away at a sports tournament or on a family vacation.


And when your child goes away to college they can get the same tutoring and academic support from their dorm rooms.



Many of Academic TS's current/past students have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. We believe that despite any learning differences every student has the same potential to succeed. 


On a daily or weekly basis, we communicate with the administration and faculty of your child's school to help facilitate and personalize individualized accommodations. 


We also work closely with educational therapists and can help attain extra time or accommodations on college board exams.

Academic Training

Providing Premium In-Home Tutoring and Academic Support to Families on the Westside, San Gabriel Valley and SFV



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